…breathtaking to behold…

San Francisco Chronicle, USA

…cresendo of aerial feats…

Kingcounty Journal, Seattle, USA


Pauliina Räsänen

is a multi-talented artist and performer from Finland specialized in Aerial Acrobatics and Hand to Hand. She graduated from the repute National Circus School of Montreal, where she studied acting, dance and acrobatics under the best teachers of performing arts.

Her trapeze act took wing under the big white top of Cirque du Soleil, where she met her Hand to Hand partner  Slava Volkov. Together the Flying Finn and the Sturdy Russian, a former World Champion of Sports Acrobatics, created a hand to hand act combining dance, balancing and elasticity. At the moment they perform as freelance artists in variety shows, special events, and films. They also own ArtTeatro Ltd, a Finland based production company creating original circus and theater performances.

During the past eight years Pauliina and Slava have given  about 2700 performances  in five different continents for more than 120 million live and TV spectators.

Tuuli Pauliina räsänen
Artist &  International Performer